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I hate school, English is my favorite subject but my so called class mates copy off me when they think I’m not looking (I’m actually starting to write answers that just seem absurd the moment you read ’em but they still copy, payback time ;P)  the math teacher expects me to be an expert just because I manged by luck to solve a supposedly hard equation (Ah, miracles) I have to translate these complicated words in Science, Geography and History just make we want to take a nap and the hardest things of all are the projects they give, I mean seriously, us poor students can’t take a break with all these things they give us… but enough of my miserably boring life.

So what I’m trying to say (If you managed to reach here then give yourself a pat on the back) is that unfortunately I won’t be on 24/7 like I was before, I’m just too busy:

  • with my idiotic school
  • trying to figure out how to have small talk (I’m introverted, can’t blame me)
  • Getting the responsibility of baby sitting >.<

I’ll still be on though, I love how easily I can talk and make friends here ;3



Over time, I’m going to update the blog and I’ll make sure it’s different.

Meanwhile I’m trying to make a good header and get an acceptable background, I’ll update the pages later..

So much work to do >.< but I think I’m too sleepy to finish with the header so you won’t mind if I doze off for a bit? ‘night ;P



I’m a bloody shit mate, and I admit it..

Now to whoever is reading this, you have every right to be furious, just don’t kill me in the process..

What?! I’m trying to lighten up the mood ;P yes it’s me Flils, the completely insane and bipolar prat who practically forgot about the blogging world, except maybe forgot is an understatement…

I’m not sure any of you would like to hear me babble about nonsense so I’ll just get to the point, I’m sure everyone someone would like a reason as to why I completely ignored and disregarded my blog? oh bloody hell I think some of those British words may have gotten to me.. but I can’t help it, I love Britain and everything about it 🙂

Anyway I think one of those so called reasons is that I forgot my password and username, how convenient eh? I think that week or month (I completely forgot) of vacation changed me, I mean honestly I was practically bored to death, I had to read all the books I brought with me in a week, but I did get rid of my laziness and managed to open and read the Harry Potter series, which reminded me of something,…

Oy Daniyah! Thank you so much Daniyah, I was so oblivious when I said that the Harry Potter series is boring, I feel like an idiot actually, but to be honest it’s torture living with a rotten family who hates everything I like, sometimes I daydream about death eaters barging into the house who just Avada Kedavra me, now that would definitely put me out of my misery..

Enough of my mad daydreams, what I WANTED to say is that I’m thankful you didn’t err.. how can I say this? oh right, I’m thankful you didn’t Crucio me because honestly I would most likely do that to the prats and slags I have at my school…

Ok where was I? right, reasons… I could just make a big presentation with details and statistics but I have lazy hands so I’ll stick to simple points.

Flils’s top 5 idiotic reasons as to why she completely disregarded her blog

  1. Again I forgot my user and password
  2. I was too busy with my books and such, in fact I think the correct term is obsessed (Pretend I’m giving you an Apologetic look ;P)
  3. I go to a muggle school so yes, I really hate 8th grade, so many H-w and projects about useless things that I won’t care about after a day or 2
  4. The internet is so slow and I’m not allowed to use the computer unless for completely educational reasons such as research D:
  5. I don’t really have a 5th reason, I just thought “top 5 reasons” seemed better than 4 .-.

I’m sure at least 1 person would like to know if I quit but in my defense I’m busy , It’s hard being a cowardly 2nd or 1st year Gryffindor who over thinks in every situation, It’s so annoying, I mean seriously when I want to state my opinion my bloody mouth just stays shut, it’s as if I have no control over it.

I thought Gryffindors were supposed to be stubborn enough to deny the other person’s opinion just so that their pride wouldn’t get– Oh right, sorry Gryffindors, I never actually meant to type that (Or maybe I did, I don’t honestly know) I think I’m another Neville Longbottom except I’m hopeless, HOPELESS I tell you..

Oh woe is me… The sorting hat must have been wrong .-.

Wait, wasn’t I about to type something about me quitting or not? I get carried away sometimes but I’m not going to apologize for that, you can’t blame me actually, I’m rather–

UGGHHH (<—- That was my failed attempt of a groan of frustration) I’m just going to say this rather quickly so that I won’t have to change the topic again.


There, oh shit I forgot the spaces.


but I may consider having a blog about my failed life.. hmm

Anyway now I’ll leave you to ponder over this while I enjoy my rice ;D

and yes I know this is long overdue but could you err, think ’bout it?

NOTE: I forgot how to approve comments, sorry if I haven’t read/replied yours yet 😦


Do not quit, Flils! Flils, you must read this post.

Flils, do not quit. You are my best friend in the blogging world and if you leave I will quit blogging too. 


Even though I may have more hits, you have 73 followers while I only have 58. Followers are more important than views. Once we release all the cool panda stuff I’m 99.999999999 etc. % sure we are going to get this blog more hits. 


You are our best friend, you make us happy everyday you are with us. Please don’t leave. When you weren’t here (on vacation) I was in a bad mood everyday almost. AND I HAD VERY BAD LUCK. Ask Cat (I think ask her…xP)


Please don’t leave, whoever wants Flils to stay reblog this post, make a sticky post leading to her blog, invite everyone you know to follow and view this blog, and  make your own personal post to Flils! The more people, the more chance she won’t quit!!! We can’t let Flils quit!!!


~A Very Desperate Melanie1629




(insert interesting title here)

Umm, I’m back c:

I missed you guys so much! ;D and can anyone tell me what happened when I was gone? ouo

Now I usually play Pottermore and read books instead of going on Fantage but I’ll manage ;P anyway if you made the form on Adopt a Panda please visit the page again because I changed removed the form, this way is better :]

I’m thinking of having a Giveaway or Contest with wintergreen as a prize, but half the people who read this probably have better items than that 😛

What else to say? oh yea, Melanie thanks for posting about the events 😀 2100 views is actually a lot for me.

So umm yea bye :]


RANDOM  NOTE: I think I want to quit, something’s wrong with my eyesight and I need to get a life -.- (Don’t judge me) my parents expect me to be a Lawyer and they also want me to study (In the holidays ouo) they keep telling me to read more but they don’t even notice me reading 5-9 hours a day, the only time they notice me doing something is when I’m on the computer..

I also want to learn how to draw realistic things and start searching on DIY stuff, besides Fantage is Kinda boring (well it is to me) I’m still thinking and no this isn’t a joke. Half the people who visited this blog forgot it even exists so yea that’s pretty much another reason.

I’m still thinking about it, the probability is 75% :/


Are you back Flils?

Are you back Flils? Are you back? ARE YOU BACK? I saw you comment on my blog today or yesterday, are you back? If you are back then LETS TALK ABOUT THE NEW STUFF COMING UP! Try to chat on gmail at my time at 4? That’s your time 12 right? Or what? Or my time 5 and your time 1? Anyways, comment below ASAP!

~ A super excited Melanie1629

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Upcoming Stuff

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell the “new awesome things” that are coming up. So I won’t tell it. But its super super awesome!! Something to do with adopting pandas (not real ones! xP) and getting stuff for the panda. Its going to be awesome! It will be released…a little while after Flils comes back. I’ll start one thing first xP



Pssssss, *whispers* Very Important!


Hey everyone. Shhhhhhh! I was thinking we could give Flils a surprise! When she comes back I was thinking that everyone could possibly get this blog to 3,000 views by July 12th! She said 2 weeks or more so in 2 weeks is at July 11th. So she said OR so…yea XD

Everyone start clicking! Reblog if you’re gonna help. Help by clicking posts and pages! And inviting your friends to click! Try to get this blog to at least 2,500 views before Flils comes back! PLEASE?!


You guys are so nice! :mrgreen:
but you don’t have to get me 3000 views :3


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The Island: Seashell Collecting

Sorry for the late post guys XD I wonder how long this island event will continue. What do you guys think?

Basic Info 

Basic info about seashell collecting event

Limited Items+Monthly Costume

limited items (shell collecting event)


If you have a lot of ecoins, I would recommend you NOT to buy anything there.

bubble buddy costume for june 2013

It looks cute ouo

Seashell Collecting Costumes 

Seashell collecting costumes



Non-members with ecoins should buy the member costume, its worth it. It looks cute and you can get a lot of prizes from it. I’m a member now so YAY! 😛

Here are all the shells. *Stars mean for premium members

my shell inventory


I bet you guys have been waiting for this part, eh? I AM A PURE MIND-READER! ;D

-Right Side of Lighthouse

lighthouse location for seashells



beach location of shells


-Right Side Of Island

(No Picture for now)


*To see prizes click on the “seashell collecting” button on the sidebar of fantage.

seashell prizes page 1seashell prizes page 2 seashell prizes page 3 seashell prizes page 4




If you want specifically an item, I can try to help you get it if I have time, I have to help myself, my sister and other people too (that counts flils because she will miss this event)

I THINK thats it xD




Mrgrn I heard you’re quitting D:
Don’t quit please, you always like my post and pages, you’re also a very good an awesome friend :[

I’m going to make a page about you :[

and I’m sure Mr. Chloes wouldn’t want you to go! (I think only Mrgrn would understand this ;))

So yea please don’t go :[



Hai there!
I’m not going to be here for about 2 weeks or more, because I have to travel ]:

But don’t worry, I made Melanie an Admin so she can help with the blog, if you want to adopt a panda well I can’t make an ID because I’ll be gone so yea D:
I’ll be gone tomorrow so bye :] and MAYBE I can post with my Ipad but that’s unlikely since my parents want me to “relax” and stop with all the internet stuff TuT

If you’re wondering why I chose Melanie as an Admin it’s because:

  1. I can trust her
  2. She is creative ;P
  3. She helped me a lot
  4. She made ME an admin at her blog :mrgreen:
  5. She’s one of my Best friends ^u^

PS: Melanie, sorry I didn’t tell you at Gmail ;P I was caught up with all the ideas we came up with xD anyway can you post about the newest events or something? thanks!